Labour Makes the Free Summer iCard Permanent


For many parents the long summer holidays can be a time of anxiety. How do you keep the children entertained and out of trouble and how do you afford it?

Last year, Labour-run Ipswich Borough Council ran a trial scheme where all state school children in Ipswich were given a free iCard over summer for use in council sports centres and swimming pools.

In addition the council put on an extended range of free play sessions in parks around Ipswich.

The scheme was very successful with over 24,000 visits by children to council sports facilities. Reports of antisocial behaviour over the summer were lower than usual.

If Labour is re-elected in May we will make a free young person’s summer iCard permanent.

Ipswich’s Conservative councillors criticised last year’s trial and would scrap the free summer iCard if they took control of the council.

Labour’s investment in activities for young people is in stark contrast to Suffolk County Council’s Tories who are axing their funding for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme this year.

Only a vote for Labour of May 2nd will guarantee a free young person’s summer iCard.

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