Motocross rider and former Grand Prix star Jake Nicholls of Ipswich in big video interview | Latest Ipswich Town news and Ipswich sport


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PUBLISHED: 15:06 23 October 2018 | UPDATED: 15:17 23 October 2018

Injury, Grand Prix racing, rivalries, the state of motocross, why I never did speedway and much, much more, Jake Nicholls… Exclusive!

Ipswich motocross star Jake Nicholls says the sport he continues to get so much out of could do more to promote itself to the outside world.

While admitting motocross is in a decent place, Nicholls feels it could do even better right now.

Bringing back rivalries within the sport and ‘stop trying to clean it up’, is part of this fascinating interview with one of Britain’s top racers.

Currently sidelined with a broken leg, which robbed him of the Maxxis ACU British MX1 Motocross Championship this season, Nicholls has vowed to be back in 2019.

He talks openly as to why he is glad he has given up Grand Prix racing after many years travelling the world, and also addresses the issue of why he never took up speedway, despite the fact he had chances to do so.

With some cracking video footage, courtesy of Fergie Media, MIKE BACON is asking the questions.

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