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Published3rd January 2019

New sessions of the “Everyday Activ – Ipswich” sessions are soon getting under way, thanks to a programme supported by the Borough Council.

The Activ Lives programme aims to help older people get fitter by giving them more opportunities in sport and physical activities.

The new programme includes an Activ Stretch class starting on Thursday 10th January 10.30am to noon at All Hallows Church in Landseer Road.

Sophie Barber, from Activ Lives, said: “We run many sessions as part of the Everyday Activ – Ipswich programme and one thing that keeps coming up is the importance of remaining flexible and keeping the joints mobile. This session is aimed at exactly that, some stretching and gentle mobility to keep the muscles and joints moving in order to make everyday tasks, such as putting on socks or reaching up to the cupboard, that little bit easier.”

Sophie said all the sessions are friendly and new participants are always welcome. “You don’t have to be sporty in any way, just wear some loose clothing and suitable flat footwear. Like all our activities, the first session to new participants is free, so why not give it a go?”

Activ Lives’ Mike McCarthy explained: “Most of our participants are over 60 with many in their 80s. We offer all sorts of activities, including walking football, boccia, badminton, ping pong and bowls.”

As one regular participant said: “While we are all here enjoying ourselves and each other’s company we are not sitting in the doctor’s surgery, are we!”

Other new sessions are kurling and beginners’ yoga – both are being held at the St Raphael Club in Highfield Road on Mondays, from 21st January.

To find out how to get fitter and have some fun please call 01473 345350 or email The website is

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